Used Perry Baromedical Sigma 40 Hyperbaric Chamber

Price Range: $ 44,500 - $ 54,500
(Depending on dive / cycle counts)
SKU: perrybaromedicalsigma40

The technologically advanced Sigma 40 Hyperbaric Chamber from Perry Baromedical was developed with customizable controls that allow for the highest level of safety and comfort experienced in hyperbaric treatment.

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Perry Baromedical Sigma 40 Features

  • 40.5" internal diameter cylinder
  • Noise-reduced compartment chamber
  • Manual temperature climate control for optimum comfort
  • Customizable stretcher that handles up to 700 lbs. capacity
  • Safety handrails and expanded stretcher width
  • Gurney with various width adjustment options
  • Flat screen television with CD and DVD capabilities
  • Two-way communication channel
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