INTERVIEW: A Day in the Life of Dave Snyder: Leading Ultrasound Sales at Strata Imaging


Dave Snyder
Dave Snyder of Strata Imaging

Strata Imaging is a leading provider of ultrasound technology. The company offers a wide range of ultrasound systems, including probes and c-arms. Dave Snyder is the General Manager at Strata Imaging. He has been with the company for over two years and has a deep understanding of the ultrasound industry. In this interview, Dave will discuss his background in ultrasound technology, his role as a sales lead at Strata Imaging, and his thoughts on the future of the industry.

Background and Journey

Dave Snyder’s journey into the ultrasound technology field was somewhat unconventional. With over 30 years in various sales roles across different industries, including the medical field, Snyder found his niche in ultrasound sales somewhat serendipitously. “Prior to joining Strata, I spent 16 plus years in the staffing industry. Following unforeseen circumstances, I decided to make a move, and that’s when Strata happened,” Snyder recalls. His initial challenge was unfamiliarity with the ultrasound business, which he overcame by immersing himself in product knowledge and industry trends.

Daily Life

Snyder described a typical day and highlighted the variable nature of sales. “Each day is different. I start by sifting through overnight emails, handling customer queries, and progressing active deals,” he explains. The use of a CRM tool, Wobaka, is pivotal in managing their sales pipeline and ensuring effective communication.

Despite the erratic hours, with late-night and early-morning communications with international clients, Snyder remains committed. “It’s pretty much seven days a week, all hours of the day,” he adds, emphasizing his availability to cater to different time zones and client schedules.

Challenges and Rewards

Snyder didn’t shy away from discussing the challenges in ultrasound sales, particularly the impact of supply chain issues on delivery times and inventory. However, overcoming these challenges makes the rewards—like securing repeat customers—even more satisfying. “We focus on the next sale and ensuring we get it right the first time. There’s nothing better than having a repeat customer,” he says, outlining the importance of trust and service in fostering long-term client relationships.

Philosophy and Advice

Snyder’s personal philosophy is straightforward: keep the customer happy. “It’s about attention to detail, being accountable, and building trust,” he states. He emphasizes the importance of risk reduction and quality assurance in their refurbished equipment, which meets or exceeds OEM specifications.

For those looking to enter ultrasound sales, Snyder advises a proactive and customer-focused approach. “It’s all about keeping the customer happy,” he reiterates.

As our conversation concluded, Snyder expressed pride in Strata’s integrity and customer service. “When people come to Strata, they deal with honest individuals committed to risk reduction and earning trust year after year,” he asserts, ensuring that new clients understand the core values and dedication of Strata Imaging.