About Medverguide

Our mission is to help healthcare providers find the right equipment at the right price to meet clinical needs and keep costs low.

With all the buzz about the need for transparency in healthcare combined with the push for providing healthcare access to all, who’s actually helping hospitals, clinics, and other facilities get there?

How can they make the right decisions keep their costs low and their standards for care high?

Mobile MRI Systems By Design

We knew it was time for us to purchase a new MRI, but we had a fixed budget and very specific applications. Honestly we’d been putting this off because we expected it to be the usual nightmare back-and-forth with tons of vendors to try and get the best price for what we needed. I was mentally prepared to have my inbox bombarded with messages, and to have to persist until my questions were answered.

Along came Medverguide… These guys have clearly been through the process; they’ve felt our pain. They’ve designed a better way.

– James K., Columbus, OH

In 2018, the Medverguide team assembled, a group of experienced healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs who realized that someone needed to step up to the plate to help move the healthcare buying process along—and out of the dark ages.

The U.S. refurbished medical equipment
market is set to exceed $21 billion
by 2025. (P&T)

Whether buying diagnostic imaging equipment or surgical supplies (and everything in between), medical buyers are faced with an inordinate number of options to choose from in terms of vendors and service providers.

In fact, several critical problems have emerged as a result of this healthcare vendor “free-for-all,” including:

  • Unsubstantiated claims of having “the most” competitive pricing, often while also calling themselves the best in customer service and speedy order fulfillment;
  • Critical order conditions and details are not surfaced readily to consumers; these include warranty details, shipping & return policies, and even purchase methods;
  • Inconsistent notation of equipment features, item conditions, and product details.

These problems directly hinder medical buyers from effective comparison shopping. This translates into the type of overhead spending that keeps healthcare costs high—driving negative consequences throughout the entire system.

Medverguide empowers buyers to compare products and vendors. It achieves this by:

  • Distilling vital product, service, and company information into a consistent format for easy comparison;
  • Characterizing available offerings for each product type and industry vertical;
  • Surfacing best practices so that buyers know what to ask for and expect;
  • Showcasing industry leaders demonstrating a track record of excellence, as well as up-and-coming movers and shakers.

Medverguide also helps companies reach active buyers, directly connecting interested buyers to company products and services that they might have otherwise missed.

If you are a manufacturer, retailer, or dealer who is dedicated to being the best and providing top-quality customer experiences, Medverguide helps you succeed.