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At, we are dedicated to helping you purchase high-quality medical equipment for your practical or personal needs. We offer an extensive range of products that are manufactured from some of the top brands in the business. Hyperbaric chambers may be used for a wide range of purposes in a medical capacity, including everything from the treatment of carbon monoxide poisoning and specific breathing disorders to fighting the signs of aging.

When you shop online with us, you will see an extensive range of chambers with various features and functions, and these are from some of the top brands in the business. These include highly reputable brands like PCCI, Perry Baromedical, Fink Engineering and Sechrist. We strive to provide our clients with the best selection of models of hyperbaric chambers, and we take every step possible to ensure that our extensive selection of products are high quality items that are either new, or in like-new condition. You will never have to worry about the quality of products you are purchasing when you make your selection through

We hope that we can help you find the ideal model of hyperbaric chamber for your medical facility or your personal use at home. Every purchase is backed with our satisfaction-guaranteed offer and strong commitment to excellent customer service.

Product Focus:

The Hyperbaric Store Services

  • Hard Chamber Sales (Medical Devices)(2+ ATA Units)
    • Monoplace
    • Multiplace Chambers (More than 1 Patient at a time)
    • Room (Build Outs)

Top Sellers:

Sechrist 3600H
Features: Precision controls and display; Oxygen conservation mode; Integrated entertainment system; Optional LCD; Internal diameter 35.5 in; Internal length 90 in; External length 106 in; External height 61 in
Perry Baromedical Sigma 34
Features: 33.5 " internal diameter; Spacious and clear acrylic cylinder allows patient to view TV/Video system; 20" wide stretcher; Dive Cycle Count of 4739; Customizable incline parameters; Customizable client temperature control; Noise eliminating treatment compartment; Efficient ventilation system
Sechrist 3600E
Features: A 13 minute minimum at 95 percent oxygen levels; Drastically reduced requirements for oxygen supply; Compression purge rate of 400 L/min.; Low patient noise level for ideal comfort
Perry Baromedical Sigma 36
Features: Internal 36" diameter cylinder; Customizable temperature control; Quiet noise muffling compartment; Adjustable stretcher with 700 lbs. capacity; Stretcher with increased width and safety handrails; Gurney with several adjustment angle options; Optional 19" flat screen TV with CD and DVD capabilities; Safe two-way communication channel

The Hyperbaric Store is dedicated to helping you purchase the highest quality HBOT equipment for your clinical needs.

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