Used Sonosite M-Turbo Ultrasound

Price Range: $ 7,500 - $ 12,500
(Depending on Software Packages, Cart Model and # of Probes)
Brand: Sonosite
Type: Ultrasound
SKU: sonositemTurbo

The Sonosite M-Turbo ultrasound gives extraordinary high-quality images with sharp contrast resolution. The Sonosite M-Turbo’s cost-effectiveness and fast booting time make it a top choice for physicians to perform quick exams in the ER or identify musculoskeletal injuries.

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Sonosite M-Turbo Features

  • Premium image quality
  • Drop tested at 3 feet/91.4 cm
  • Splash resistant user interface
  • Quick boot-up time
  • Easy to operate
  • Battery-powered and wireless capabilities for true mobility
  • Magnesium case for lightweight strength
  • Backlit keyboard is easier on the eyes

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Sonosite M-Turbo Common Options

Sonosite M-Turbo with High-frequency Linear and Curvilinear Probes:

  • HFL50X (High-frequency Linear, 5-10 MHz, for vascular, small parts, and musculoskeletal imaging)
  • TEEX (Endocavitary, 4-10 MHz, for transvaginal and transrectal imaging)

Sonosite M-Turbo with Pediatric and Cardiac Probes:

  • ICTX (Intraoperative, 3-10 MHz, for pediatric, vascular, and small parts imaging)
  • L38XI (Linear, 3-8 MHz, for pediatric abdominal, obstetrics, gynecology, and cardiac imaging)

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