Used SonoSite Edge w/HFL50x Probe Ultrasound

SonoSite Edge ultrasound machine
Price Range: $ 950 - $ 1,000
Rental Price: $ 950 /month
(Depending on Software Packages, Cart Model and # of Probes)
Brand: Sonosite
Type: Ultrasound
SKU: sonositeedgehfl50x

The SonoSite Edge is a durable, shared service ultrasound machine. The Edge’s portable handled-design is reminiscent of its predecessors- the SonoSite Titan, M-Turbo, and MircoMaxx. Compared to its predecessors, the Edge provides a sturdier clamshell design, a larger display, and a bigger (and backlit), splash-resistant silicone keyboard.

The controls and user interface of the SonoSite Edge are almost exactly the same as earlier models from SonoSite. These similarities make the learning curve short for clinicians already experienced with SonoSite’s interface.

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SonoSite Edge w/HFL50x Probe Features

  • Color Power Doppler
  • ECG, M-mode
  • PW Doppler
  • THI
  • Continuous Wave Doppler
  • DPLX
  • EOBC
  • IMT
  • TCD
  • MSK
  • HD
  • MSK
  • AC

SonoSite Edge w/HFL50x Probe Common Options

SonoSite Edge w/HFL50x Probe with the following transducers

  • HFL50x

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