Used Olympus CF-Q165L Colonoscope

Price Range: $ 4,700 - $ 11,500
Brand: Olympus
Category: Gastroenterology
SKU: olympuscfq165l

The Olympus CF-Q165L is a colonoscope for large intestine (colon) and rectum.

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Olympus CF-Q165L Features

  • Full screen display size
  • Auxilary water jet facilitates mucosal clensing
  • Scope ID function
  • Compatible with CV-100,CV-160,CV-140 video processors
  • Diameter 12.8mm
  • Working Lenght 168cm
  • Instrument channel 3.7mm
  • Field of view 180°
  • Angulation range: up/down 180°/180° right/left 180°/180°


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