Used Hill-Rom TotalCare P500 Bed - Electric

Price Range: $ 2,000 - $ 10,000
SKU: hillromtotalcarep500

The Hill Rom TotalCare P500 is an electric intensive care bed.Responsive and versatile care for better pressure redistribution.

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Hill-Rom TotalCare P500 Features

  • Weight based pressure redistribution
  • Advanced microclimate
  • 3-layer Microclimate management
  • Siderail controls
  • Hraphical caregiver interface feature
  • Digital head of bed angle indicator with alarm
  • 3 mode bed exit sensor with alarm silence and alarm suspend modes
  • One-button boost patient repositioning support
  • Flexafoot electrical bed retraction and extension
  • Handsfree emergency CPR and trendelenburg
  • History data
  • Turn assist
  • Emergency trendelenburg
  • Reverse trendelenburg


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