Used GE Voluson S10 Ultrasound

GE Voluson S10 ultrasound machine on a cart
Price Range: $ 35,000 - $ 45,000
(Depending on Software Packages, Cart Model and # of Probes)
Brand: GE
Type: Ultrasound
SKU: gevolusons10

The GE Voluson S10 is a high-standard ultrasound system for applications in radiography. It’s equipped with real time 3D/4D image feature and can be used in OB/GYN applications.

Automated measurement tools, easy-to-use volume imaging, and a large 23-inch HD LED monitor to provide ultrasound scans with improved diagnostics and user confidence. The Voluson S10 has an intuitive system design leading to fewer keystrokes and more patient focus.

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GE Voluson S10 Features

  • Digital beamformer
  • Adjustable dynamic range up to 256 dB
  • 23-inch HD LED monitor
  • Scan Assistant
  • STIC

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GE Voluson S10 Common Options

GE Voluson S10 with the following transducers

  • 4C-RS
  • RIC5-9W-RS
  • 9L-RS
  • ML6-15-RS
  • 12L-RS
  • IC9-RS
  • RIC5-9A-RS
  • C1-5-RS
  • 3Sc-RS
  • 8C-RS

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