GE Venue R2 Ultrasound

GE Venue R1
Price Range: $ 24,000 - $ 28,000
(Depending on Software Packages, Cart Model and # of Probes)
Brand: GE
Type: Ultrasound
SKU: gevenuer2

The GE Venue R2 ultrasound machine is ideal for busy emergency departments since it is compact and simple to use. It has an intuitive user interface and can start a scanning procedure within seconds.

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GE Venue R2 Features

  • 19″ high-definition LCD monitor
  • 4-hour battery
  • Slim cart
  • ECG
  • TEE

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GE Venue R2 Common Options

GE Venue R2 with Linear and Curvilinear Probes:

  • L12n-RS (Linear, frequency not specified, for vascular, small parts, and musculoskeletal imaging)
  • C1-5-RS (Curvilinear, 2-5 MHz, for abdominal, obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, and peripheral vascular imaging)

GE Venue R2 with High-frequency Linear Probes:

  • L4-12t-RS (Linear, frequency not specified, could be used for superficial imaging or other applications)

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