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Number of Employees: 10+
Number of Service Technicians: 20+
Locations: Hudson, OH
Call: 800-854-9061

For over four decades, KMG has brought its top-quality Interim and Fixed-Base imaging solutions to facilities across the country, serving over 200 regular clients.

But what sets KMG apart from other large-scale imaging solution providers? KMG’s team has direct first-hand experience providing patient care, having owned and operated twenty independent imaging centers nationwide. KMG knows the level of service that good healthcare requires, and is well-versed in how critical consistent operations are to providing the best patient experience. Their team can help you get ahead of any pain points because they, too, have been there.

KMG has worked with practices of all sizes—from hospitals through imaging centers, clinics through physician offices, and even mobile units—and in all types of settings—urban, rural, and suburban.

Product Focus:

Kings Medical Services

  • Short-Term Interim Unit Delivery
  • Long-Term Fixed Base Installation
  • Modular Units
  • Custom In-House Solutions
  • Site Survey and Construction Planning
  • Project Planning and Management
  • ARRT Certified Clinical Staff

Top Sellers:

Siemens Biograph PET/CT
Features: Cap3d filter MIP; Cap3d filter SSD; Cap3d filter VRT; Cap3d Flymode; Cap3d Fusionauto Cap3d Fusionbase Cap3d FusionLM; Cap3d Main; Emotion 6; Extendted Spiral; High Power; Hi Resolution Detectors Pet applications
GE Signa Profile III
Features: Magnetic field strength, T - 0.2; Minimum 3D slice thickness (mm) 0.5; Minimum 2D slice thickness (mm) 2.7; Line of sight 6-40cm
GE Signa HDxt 1.5T
Features: 60 cm Bore; 500 lb Table Weight Limit; HD Gradients Engineered for High-Fidelity; HD Reconstruction Engineered for Real-Time; High-Performance Image Generation
GE Signa HDe 1.5 T
Features: 1 cm to 48 cm continuous field-of-view (FOV); 30% smaller footprint than compatible 1.5T MR imaging systems; Volume reconstruction engine delivers more than 1300 images per second; PROPELLER for motion insensitive brain imaging; LAVA volumetric abdominal imaging.

Kings Medical Testimonials

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I have worked with several mobile imaging vendors in the past; however, my experience with KMG in acquiring a mobile unit on short term notice to cover in-house equipment repair has been the cleanest, most simplified process I have been involved with. I would highly recommend KMG.

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Gary Clarkson

New Castle, IN

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Kings Medical Services Terms / Costs and Typical Fees

  • 30-minute callback for every service call, with highly-trained remote engineers
  • 4-hour on-site engineer promise
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